SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) part 3

Meta description gives a brief description about your site in the Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs)...

Meta Tags

Meta description is very important when it comes to Meta tags. It does not have a great impact on your ranking but this is the main reason for the browsers to click on your site. Meta description gives a brief description about your site in the Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs). But don’t stuff your Meta description with keywords. Every page of your site should have unique metatags with a proper title and a clear description. This should tempt the user to click onto your site.

There are three types of Meta tags:
  • Title tag:
  • It is the title text which appears in search engine listings on the title bar of the browser window.

  • Meta description tag:
  • It is the brief summary of the content of your page. It appears below the URL of your page in search engine listings.

  • Meta keywords tag:
  • It is the place where you put all of your important keywords and phrases that describe the content of your page.

URL structure

The URL structure is yet another important technical factor in SEO. Earlier, the URLs used were very confusing. However, the URLs today include keywords which make it easier for the search engine to understand what the page is all about. These URLs also attract the users to click on the link.

In this keywords plays an important role,your website should contain keywords which people search on a daily basis or which are trending.This helps to rank your page on search engines without any paid traffic.

Image Optimization

Images on your website should be compressed. Sometimes the images might have Metadata that will occupy a lot of space. Delete such data. Use a tool or a plug-in to compress the data. Multiple images can be combined to form a single image file called ‘sprite’. Usually navigation icons and logos are included in sprites. If you are using sprite, you can intimate the browser through CSS to tell which part of that image to be used. Alt tags can be added to the images that include a brief description about the image. The alt tags can also include the keywords. You can add a name to the image which is relevant to it.

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