Web Development for Beginners

You can build websites and apps using web development tools. There are a lot of languages and tools you can use to build for the web. All of them have their benefits over other, and are maintained by developer. While this is great for bring the web forward, it’s overwhelming and often difficult to start.

Some Important tips for Fresher to start:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

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HTML is a programming language used to structure the information on a website page. HTML provide webpages structure and CSS makes them look nice. Main point in html is to get used to creating markup, positioning your elements, and styling using CSS. A web page can contain headings, paragraphs, images, videos, and many other types of data. Using HTML elements is used to specify what kind of information each element on a web page contains — for example, the “p” element represent a paragraph. Developers also write HTML code to tell how there is difference between items relate to one another in the overall structure of the html page. Every website you open in your browser, from social media to music services, uses HTML. A look under the surface of any website would reveal HTML code providing structure for all the page’s components.

How HTML works in a web page :

HTML plays a couple of important roles in a web page. First, we use the structure created by our HTML code to reference, enhance, and manipulate elements on a web page using CSS and Javascript. For instance, you could use HTML to mark all of the headings on a web page, and then use CSS to specify the font, size, and color you want to apply to those headings to reflect your organization’s branding, or simply a visual design developed for the site. Second, HTML lets us indicate the roles of different elements to search engines and other services that index the content and summarize it for other users. For instance, marking the caption of an image with the “figcaption” element and enclosing the image and its caption in the “figure” element helps a search engine understand that these two pieces of content are related, and that the caption describes the associated image.

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CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. As the name suggest that it is used for styling the websites. The CSS plays very crucial role for creating an attractive webpages. With the help of CSS we are able to create a website with very stylish look. CSS is very user friendly and it is easily compatible with any browser. CSS helps to improves effectiveness and attractiveness layout of our site. CSS have made creation of web pages lots easier. CSS represents the layout of content in website. CSS is often considered as best choice of any web development because CSS is only loaded once and it is stored in cache memory so the succeeding pages are loaded faster. CSS has one of the best ability to place elements anywhere in webpages. There are different ways to style your website as you’ve probably see in the courses listed above. You have CSS, SCSS, LESS, CSS-in-JS, inline-styles, PostCSS, Scoped CSS, and on top of that therea are bunch of different design methodologies for styling your CSS. Don’t let any of this overexcit you.

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Learning Javascript throughly is the key to long term success in web development. Javascript is a programming language used mainly for Web browsers to create a dynamic and interactive experience for the user. Most of the functionality of website and applications that make the Internet absolutely necessary to modern life are coded in some form of JavaScript. JavaScript is known as a client-side script. Most web applications, such as a search engine works because of an interaction between the user's device (e.g. computer, phone or tablet) and a remote server. In the back, JavaScript reads the inputs as the user types, sends those inputs to a remote server and the server sends response back. Javascript is the scripting language of the web that allows you to do anything nowadays. You can create iOS/Android apps, backend servers, web applications, desktop applications and learn machine learning with it. If you search you’ll see things like PHP, Ruby, Python, Node, Flask, React, Angular, Webpack, Jenkins, Wordpress, Rollup, Firebase, Docker, Yaml, and the list goes on but you need to focus on learning one thing well before branching out. Places to start:

Whether you want to palce yourself as a front-end or full-stack web developer, or just want to breeze pass into programming, HTML should be the first place to start. Learning HTML, along with CSS and basic JavaScript, provides you with the base necessary to create your own interactive single-page website. After learning such language you can start developing your own project.

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