LinkedIn Marketing


What is LinkedIn Marketing all about?

  • LinkedIn Marketing is the use if the LinkedIn platform to raise a business, a brand, a product or a service.

What is LinkedIn?

  • LinkedIn is a social media website for professional and businesses.
  • It offers the same social media features that you will find on other popular social media platform, with a focus on professional content, business information and career development.

How does it work?

  • Comparing to other social media sites, LinkedIn doesn’t encourage casual interaction and entertainment.
  • When you create a LinkedIn profile, you are prompted to include information that would be relevant in a professional setting.
  • You can also connect with companies as well as to create company pages.
  • LinkedIn also encourages content generation and sharing.
  • Other social media features such as groups are also intended to help users create a network of like-minded professional working in similar industries and following the same career path.

Why should you consider LinkedIn for Marketing?

  • LinkedIn is a much more focused platform that makes it easier for people to market a brand or products because that’s what the platform all about.
  • By creating a profile that highlights your authority and sharing content that is highly relevant to your industry, you will be able to build a network of real people that will grow interested in your offers.
  • Another big, great advantage of LinkedIn marketing is that the platform is very good at detecting spammers and fake businesses.

What benefits can LinkedIn bring for marketing your business?

  • Creating a company profile for your business on LinkedIn provides you with credibility that is unparalleled by other platforms, where anyone can create low-quality company profile to deceive customers.
  • LinkedIn makes it easy to identify, qualify, contact and capture leads.
  • LinkedIn also streamlines communication with leads because it encourages direct, to-the-point communication about the business at hand.

What’s the future for LinkedIn marketing?

  • Almost 80 percentage of marketers agree that LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform for marketing, which means that more and more brands, including brands, including yours, will be joining the site in future.
  • Also, LinkedIn is introducing slight improvements and changes to its front end that improve instant communication between users, which increases engagements.


STEP 1 – Define Your Marketing Goals on LinkedIn

  • The most important question that you have to answer before you do anything on LinkedIn are, what is it that you want to achieve with LinkedIn marketing?
  • Whether you want to use LinkedIn to reach decision makers in your industry, to create awareness about your brand among potential B2B clients, or to add a professional segment to your mailing list, you have to start by defining your goal.

STEP 2 – Create AND Optimize Your Profile on LinkedIn.

  • By optimizing your profile first thing, you can start doing other LinkedIn stuff, such as creating your company site page, and not being relevant, because you already build your presence by creating your account.

STEP 3 – Create AND Optimize Your Company Page on LinkedIn.

  • The same applies to company site pages.
  • You have to go with extra mile and optimize it with knowledge that is relevant to your decision makers in your industry, and to add a series of content pieces.
  • Furthermore, you have to optimize your company site page for search right from the starting.
  • Optimization you can apply on your company site page include inputing search engine optimizations, such as keywords and search terms, within your company site page details and in your content.

STEP 4 – Grow your Audience on LinkedIn.

  • Once you set up your site profile on company page, you are going to start growing your viewers.
  • Because when you grow your viewers on LinkedIn, you not only develop a strong network, you also develop social proof for your business.
  • And this will be important down the line, because having an active network of company page followers rapidly rise trust in your brand , and you will be able to use this as social currency.

STEP 5 – Create and publish Original content on LinkedIn.

  • Successful LinkedIn marketers flourish on original content because that’s what keeps people going back to their profiles and company pages, and you can reverse engineer this simple strategy by publishing your own original content on a regular basis.
  • The best type of content that you can post on LinkedIn is content that the LinkedIn audiences find interesting.

STEP 6 – Sponsor your profile content and create Ads on LinkedIn.

  • This is as true for LinkedIn as it is true for any other social platform; organic outreach can only take you so far until you stagnate.
  • What this means is that organic reach and engagement have to peak where it gets risingly hard to keep developing.
  • Just make sure that you do it after appling the steps outlined before.

STEP 7– Analyse Your performance on LinkedIn.

  • It is important that you keep a track on how good you do on LinkedIn.
  • These tools will help you see performance metrics that you can benchmark against the performace of your competition, as well as your own goals.

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