Send Mail using PHPMailer & Gmail Smtp

Mail can be sent using two method
● Using mail() function.
● Using PHPMailer & gmail smtp.

Steps to send mail using PHPMailer:

Step 1:

Go to to download PHPMailer library. Select Branch 5.2 stable version & Download the zip file.

Step 2:

Now extract the zip files. & copy these three files & paste it in another folder.
1. class.phpmailer
2. class.smtp
3. PHPMailerAutoload

Step 3:

Open PHPMailerAutoload file & replace function __autoload($classname) with function spl_autoload_register($classname)

Step 4:

Write this gmail smtp code to send mail.


        require 'phpmailer/PHPMailerAutoload.php';
        $mail= new PHPMailer;





           echo "mail not sent";
             echo "mail sent Successfully";


Step 5:

Go to Manage your google account setting of the email from which you want to send mail->go to Security ->turn off 2 step verification & turn on Less secure app access.

Follow all the above steps. The mail will be sent in 1 or 2 seconds. Now you will be able to send mail faster.

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