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App Development Company in Mumbai

App Development Company in Mumbai

As we discuss how IT companies suffer in mumbai in (It Companies in Mumbai [part-1]), and then we saw what kind of services are most needed and should be provided in mumbai (It Companies in Mumbai [part-2]), which were, Website Development, Digital Marketing, SEO, and security services.

Now we will see how app development companies work and what are the Profits and Losses of having an App Development company in mumbai.

So, first we should see what resources we need to have services listed in our website or portfolio.

  • We should have Laptops with minimum 8GB ram with us or with people working for US, without which any software used for android/iOS application development will lag And process might get slow, consider if you planned to complete android application design and development in 2 months, if everyday developer faces problems and lags in development that might take upto 3 months, so it's a risk factor that you should consider

  • People with experience, In Android/iOS application development, it is considered only 25%-40% errors are resolved which are human typo or configuration mistakes. Other errors are due to plugins or dependencies which are required to create a new app.

    Hence you must have people who have handled such errors before.

  • Good leader, As discussed above in Android/iOS application development, it is considered only 25%-40% errors are resolved, to handle such UPS/DOWNS in development cycle, there must be a good leader to handle situations, many apps get closed due to errors that do not have work around.

    It is considered there is nothing you can imagine and cannot develop in Website development, but there are always limitations in app development, why?

    It is majorly on which language we select or which platform we are developing for.

Considering app points, if a website development company in mumbai, starts app development in their company, Or If someone starts App development company in mumbai, he/she must take care of above points to be implemented.

Failure is just another step towards success, motivation and lessons that failure gives, no one else can.

Good luck.

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