Progressive Web Apps

PWA is a normal website with PWA functionality,this functionality has the ability to work as mobile apps.

Does this end the future of Mobile App development?
Partially yes.

Developers don’t have to launch heavy apps and develop native apps for different platforms, all the web developers are now app developers as well. This is somewhat true but apps have their different place in industry. While the question is raised from a long time:

How can we emulate web content for mobile?

It is now turned and web applications are putting efforts in knowing what is working on mobile to give their (mobile) users a common feel and touch. The concept is about creating websites that operate as Apps.

As we know websites are the same on every platform, let it be iOS or be windows, it will be exactly the same, if it is built responsive.

“Websites are bounded by Browsers, Apps are bounded by Platforms.”


Lets see the benefits of PWA.

Google has listed these benefits in its user manual on why should we build a PWA:

1)It is worth being on the home screen : Google says

Add to Home Screen, sometimes known as the web app install prompt, enables users to install your Progressive Web App on their mobile or desktop device, easily. After the user accepts the prompt, your PWA will be added to their launcher, and it will run like any other installed app. read more...

2) You can work reliably, No more worries for network conditions:

Many times we feel the first loading takes much time then 2nd and 3rd load, first load is 63% slower than other reloads.

3) Increased Engagement

Web Push Notification feature of PWA has increased engagement by 4X, and now users spend time twice than earlier, Push notifications are revolutionary for new generations who have just started development.

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