Disadvantages regarding online lectures

“Do you really think online lectures have benefits in all the ways?”

No, online lectures have ample of disadvantages, we never realise how day by day we are giving up our creativity to learn something new. While online lecture, we tend to stare at the screen for hours which leads to many problems eg . strain on your eyes, leads to stress, hairfall, loss of sleep etc.

Not every student can afford a laptop or a mobile irrespective of this network issues are the major problem during online lectures which may lead to a major disadvantage as students who deserve or are capable of studying does not get the opportunity to learn.

Working towards any goal requires dedication and motivation and studying online we may lose these qualities. For one, there is the unlimited distraction of already being on the internet; social media, YouTube and news websites are as present as your next tab. A lot of valuable study time can pass if you don’t monitor your internet usage closely during online lecture.

The process of talking with different kinds of people around us and exploring have been destroyed due to online lectures. The student starts losing his/her interest in the online lecture's topic after a period of time and starts feeling sleepy due to the light emitted by the computer screen. During online lecture, teachers won't get the opportunity to know each and every student of her class, as there is lack of interaction between them. All students don't get a chance to clear their queries.

Bigggest disadvantage is that not every student is capable of learning things at the same time but in online lecture things are thought once irrespective of whether the student has understood it or not , in traditional lectures teachers get to know by looking at the students but its not at all possible in online lectures.

Online lectures comes with disadvantages as well as advantages…...

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