Nikita Kaul Dhoundiyal, wife of major vibhuti dhoundiyal who made supreme sacrifice in pulwama. Fifteen days after Major Dhoundiyal's death, Kaul resumed her job and she stood up on her feet again. It was not easy for her to get back to normal life after her husband’s death, she drowned herself in work, hoping the pain would ease.

Sitting at her in-laws’ house in Dehradun, she filled the SSC form six months after major vibhuti dhoundiyal martyrdom. It was her way to heal. When she wrote the exam and gave the interview, she could feel what major vibhuti dhoundiyal would have felt when he wrote his SSC. She connected with him, his fears and his anxiety. Somehow that gave her strength.

In the year 2020, she cleared the SSC exam and the SSB interview. After that, she waited for the results to be declared. The results came out and she got selected. She completed her training from OTA Chennai and cleared all remaining formalities.

A brave woman who accepted the situation and proved herself to be the real hero.

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