Malware Attack :

Malware (short for malicious software) is fast becoming one of the biggest threats. Malware is a type of application that can perform a variety of malicious tasks. Some strains of malware are designed to create persistent access to a network, some are designed to spy on the user in order to obtain credentials or other valuable data, while some are simply designed to cause disruption.

Some forms of malware are designed to extort the victim in some way. Perhaps the most notable form of malware is Ransomware – a program designed to encrypt the victim’s files and then ask them to pay a ransom in order to get the decryption key.

Malware is typically installed on a computer when a user clicks on a link, downloads a malicious attachment or opens a rogue software program. Once installed, attackers can use the malware to spy on your online activities, steal personal and financial information or use your device to hack other systems.

Types of Malwares :

Stages of Malwares :

How to avoid Malware Attack :

  • Install Anti-virus software
  • Regularly update software
  • Only buy Apps from trusted sources
  • Don’t click on suspicious links or download attachments from unknown sources
  • Install Firewall
  • Backup data regularly


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