DNS Spoofing

DNS Spoofing is a type of computer security hacking. Whereby a data is introduced into a DNS resolver's cache causing the name server to return an incorrect IP address, diverting traffic to the attacker’s computer or any other computer. The DNS spoofing attacks can go on for a long period of time without being detected and can cause serious security issues.

Domain Name Server (DNS) spoofing (a.k.a. DNS cache poisoning) is an attack in which altered DNS records are used to redirect online traffic to a fraudulent website that resembles its intended destination.

Once there, users are prompted to login into (what they believe to be) their account, giving the perpetrator the opportunity to steal their access credentials and other types of sensitive information. Furthermore, the malicious website is often used to install worms or viruses on a user’s computer, giving the perpetrator long-term access to it and the data it stores.

How DNS Spoofing Works :

How to avoid DNS Spoofing Attack :

  • Keep your resolver private and protected.
  • Configure it to be as secure as possible against cache poisoning.
  • Manage your DNS servers securely.


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