If your are reading this blog means you are really interested in opening your Business Instagram account. Well, then you are in the correct place.

Well, lot of people start their account with great enthusiasm but as the period go by they lose interest because of less number of people engaging on their account.

Well, I will guide you to how to increase your follower on Instagram

  • Account Name

    While making your Bussiness Account try to keep your account name small, so that it is memorable. Also make a note to avoid using series of numbers. As it does not look professional.

    Also keep your account name similar to what your business is involved. So that when a user search for a specific field , your account name can pop out more.

    Example- Use dot in between word in your account name like ''.

  • Name

    Try to get the name similar to your account name. It is easier to recognize. It is easier for people to search you.

    Example- If user search for ‘garden’, if this word is not in your account name but it is in your name then your account gonna pop up.

  • Bio

    Keep your bio sweet and short. And keep lot of space so that it looks clean. You can also use emoji to make it a little fun.

    Example- first line about what you do eg. Gardening business.
    Second line about on which platform are you available eg Instagram, facebook, whatsapp etc.
    Third Line about your business tagline or little intro about your business.
    Fourth line about link of your business site so user can check your website.

  • Profile Image

    Keep a nice professional looking profile image for your account. So user can be visually attracted to see your account just by looking at your profile image.

    It like a opening a small window from where your user gets a glimse.

Yayye!!! your account is created and ready for your interacting with user.

Well this is for today, feel free to continue reading in the next blog.

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