Online Lectures Vs Offline Lectures

Offline lectures are the location of the learning process. Offline learning is the flexibility of the classes. Offline method means a student and a teacher have to physically go to the schools and colleges. In traditional methods, the benefit is there is a student-teacher interaction. There is a discipline in traditional offline method teaching. Offline lectures make students more interactive and attentive in the lectures. While it creates a competition between students to answer the questions. Using technology in traditional offline methods creates a very powerful education. Students write the notes in their own words to improve the writing speed and thinking ability of every individual at their level.

In this pandemic situation, online lectures have started all over the world. There is no need to go to the colleges and schools physically to attend the lectures. Location doesn’t matter to attend the lectures. The lectures can be conducted at any time schedule. There is no compulsion to make the timetable. Virtual lectures make teaching easy and efficient to learn. In this method students can learn through powerpoint presentation. Watching educational videos helps to remember faster and makes the work easy for teachers. It saves time of writing the notes as ppts and notes are available. This makes revision easy as these lectures are recorded. As they can be watched as much as time. Teachers need not to take the revision lectures as the lectures are recorded. Online learning is also a great option for teaching. Learning in different languages. Explanation becomes very easy.Explaining through ppts makes vast topics easier to understand.

Sometimes offline methods have disadvantages. There must be a fixed location for this method of learning. Traveling long distances to attend schools and colleges is difficult, whereas online lectures do not need a fixed location nor to physically go to the colleges and schools. Fixed schedules to be followed, whereas in online lectures timing is flexible. Traditional method requires all the study material to be carried to the college with heavy bags, but online lectures do not require any kind of study material. There is less interaction between student-teachers in online lectures, whereas traditional method interaction at its best. There is no competition in online methods of learning as compared to traditional methods of learning. There is a discipline in the traditional offline method, there is no discipline in the online lectures. Limited topics and explanation is teached in traditional methods, in online lectures explanation becomes very efficient and easy to understand. Learning in the environment of the schools and colleges makes an impact in studying.

At a conclusion both the methods are the best at their state. But offline methods of education are better than online methods of education.

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