Graduation With Internship vs Graduation Without Internship

One of the best ways for any students before their graduation is to learn more about their goals and future careers is by getting an internship or part-time job in the field of their study. Many students before graduation find that studying their course is one thing, and actually doinf internship in that field is another! By testing the waters with an internship, international students can discover more about their likes and dislikes regarding the industry of their choice. Getting an internship in a place that also connects student to professionals in other fields is very helpful, especially for those student who want to thrive as entrepreneurs or business owners. Widening one’s network is crucial for success. It can also help graduating student to learn more about their strengths and weaknesses. Graduating student prefer working in a lab or with people rather than sitting at a desk all day. Internships provide gradute student with the opportunity to find out what student really want to do before they spend time and energy job-hunting.

Internships provide work experience in the field of that studies. Also insternship provides practical knowledge of the studies and gets to know the implementation of our knowledge. We also get to know during Internship how graduating student must interact with everyone apart from our comfort zone. Internship provides graduation student knowledge more than our book studies. Internship also teaches us time management. But there are some disadvantages . Graduating student can't focus on their studies during Internship, as well as graduation student cannot give much time to our family. Apart from studies, college assignments remain incomplete sometimes. Continuing sitting in front of computers harms our eye sight, heavy pain in the backbone because of continuous sitting at one position, also affects our physical health.

If you don’t have an internship and it’s too late to get one, the best thing you can do alongside searching for a graduate job is volunteer. Without an internship we can focus on our graduation studies. Apart from this, we get time to complete our assignments. But there are more disadvantages without internship graduation. As we don’t get work experience. Also we don't have practical knowledge of our field. experience , skills matter to get a job. An experienced person gets a job quicker than a graduate person, as the company doesn't need to invest time to teach an experienced person. Also we can’t understand the implementation of our knowledge without work experience, as internship provides us experience in the field. We can’t get to interact with people leaving our comfort zone. Lack of out of syllabus knowledge, Because book knowledge is limited.

That ‘s why , Internship is important with graduation.

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