Search Engine Optimization

1]Keyword research

a. Building the keyword list

You can build your keyword list by using a website “keywords everywhere”. You can simply install this for Chrome or Firefox this will provide a free search volume CPC (central processing center) Your average CPC is based on your actual cost-per-click, which is the actual amount you're charged for a click on your advertisement & competition data for almost all the keyword research tools out there!

b. Start targeting the long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are the keywords which have less search volume because they are less compatible as well as least cost. Once you become bigger site then you can move to body keywords and so on.


Optimization is used to improve the web search rankings. The first task is to optimize your home page and blogs. It includes title, description, and off-course a keywords. There is Website “backlinko”. Backlinko is where professional marketers turn for proven SEO advice. For WordPress website add "Yoast" plugin for SEO.

a. Title tag includes a name of your company or organization and it also includes sub-title separated by ‘|’ pipe (vertical bar) it includes the keyword “your company known for what?” A subtitle is an optional part. The title should be less than 55 characters.

b. Keywords include your SEO keywords which are the keywords and phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines.

c. Description includes the name of the title and other description about your company and organization an example what your company exactly does? The description should contain 155 characters or less, else it will display cut-off by google search engine.

3]Build authority with backlink

It is the process of link building and it is off page optimization. Backlinks are used to provide additional resources for other websites by adding source-link. Search Engine uses this for authority. Here it is an example, “Website” is the backlink if you click on that it will take you to the ‘Source site’ for ‘Website’.

How to get the backlink?

1. Pick a target: Choose a company with your target audience.

2. Document everything: record one big win with their product or services the more details the better.

3. Let them know: Let them know your results give them the detail information on your success.

4. Prepare for traffic: Give away high value downloadable on your site in order to capture the traffic.

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