Hamiters Python Programming setup and advantages


What is Python Programming?

Python is an interpreted high level programming language. Yeah, u already knew that, that's fine, but did u know what all features or functions or code or programs or what more can u do using python ?

So python has multiple features ! Let us see what we can do using python ?

1 } Easy to code : Yeah we have seen this in all the languages we studied before. But no python is actually easy to use. How ? So in python it allows you to think like a programmer and not waste time with confusing syntax ! YES this is true ! you dont have to keep on checking for semi-colons or commas or any other syntactical error.

2 } Extensible Feature : Python is extensible i.e. It can be extended like we can write the C, C++ code and compile it in C, C++ language.

Enough of features. Now lets focus on Where can we use and what can we make out of it ?

So the one use I have personally made and working on it is making a bot like Cortana of Microsoft or like Siri of iOS. How ? So our computer has two voices, one of male and one of female so we can use that and import a library which will make our Desktop speak and then using various commands u can make the bot do whatever u want to like open Youtube Play music and much more !

Python is like a well the more u dig the deeper u can go and the more creative ideas u can get and create a big and better projects.

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