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How to start Web Design & Web Development?

There is a saying everything needs motivation, even passion needs motivatoion. highly passionate people are highly motivated in doing what they like. How this is related to web design and web development? Web deisgn is a part where you need lots of patience, acceptance and motivation. there can be days maybe weeks where nobody is liking your Web Design work, creative parts are not easy, you speak to your viewer through your Web Design work, if you are not good at acceptane, understand why it is important. What is acceptance, acceptance is when somone suggests you changes, You should take all views, positive, negative, beautiful and ugly. why? this will help you decide if you are going right, don't just keep designing because you like it. Design if it is usable and if you can convey your messages.

Now lets talk about Web Development

Web development is a slightly difficult part, here in Web Development you don't need to understand some software and its element, here in Web Development there is entire languages, like "talking tom", it was an application, which use to speak what you speak, but in cute or funny way. if you speak in soft voice it will repeat that in kids voice making it sound good.

Web development is similar to that, you can't show what you speak. here you can, you can show what you speak, we write what we want. its basically a communtication between developer and system(browser/app)

How to start Web Development?

earn some languages, HTML CSS, these are very very basic to start with. Like your native language or mother tounge, there are number of other languages too, you should focus on your hold in Web Development, people with knowlegde of many languages of Web Development are not best, but people with hold of few but correct and exact usage of Web Development, are praised in web development, once you are master going out is no harm for other Web Development technologies. Remember, you just need to convert what you see to your words and your words to programming. consider explaining your friend a website on call, like hey there is a navigation panel on top with menu, of Home, About us pages. try same with coding, in body you need menu, options of menu will be home and about us pages, easy? if you did not understood you need to take up web development project, Web Development is not about language, Web Development is about usage. Good Luck!

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