What is Flutter by Hamza Hamiters

What is Flutter?

Cross Platform Android/iOS Application Development Language

Yes, What if i tell you there is a programming that can help us make apps in android as well as iOS, don't belive me?

Is flutter free?

Flutter is easy to use and quick, flutter allow us to develop quick applications, i always thought how to make something i want, like can i make things i am thinking of exactly?

I came accross flutter, flutter offers a wide range of widgets and its access is very easy, for flutter you don't need any prior knowledge of programming, yes practice of writing is needed, not that easy 🤣.

Flutter gives us option of Hot Reload and Hot Restart, Do you know what it is?
I know you don't that why we are here, let me tell you.
Hot Reload: when you make small changes such as text or alignment or maybe just a shade change, do you want to build/run whole app? God No! So, here flutter helps. Lets understand it with a example, if you make a native application and you are on 12th page of your application and you want to change text, let's assume you're brillaint learner and made 12 page and checked them, but on 13th page you need to change some text, will you run whole app and navigate(click) through 12 screens just to check one text change? No ways, here is flutter brings Hot reload, flutter gives option of Hot restrat which makes it easy for developers to restart whole app when needed.
Not just Hot reload or Hot Restart, flutter is like a wealthy bf/gf you just need to wish and there is tons of dependencies to help you.
Oh, by wealthy i meant by Emotions/Care/Love/Money anything, it your dirty mind not mine.
So, flutter is quick as you don't need to navigate again and again, and you can change one page at a time.
Do you know what my best is? 28 Hours, in which i had completed one entire app in flutter, with umm 9 screens.
If i would be doing same in Native Andoird/iOS it would have taken more than 3 weeks. If you are not aware of Application development, it takes lots of time to run one build, If you have 4GB RAM system, it might take 7-20 mins for each build, for 8 GB it might take 2-5 mins, still 5 mins for each run is like getting distratced badly.
Let's not strech it more and see you in next session.
If you found this interesting meet me in another flutter session, if not do let me know what did i miss at Hamza@Hamiters.com