Codeigniter Installation and Folder Structure

To download codeigniter just go to and select the it has aversion you want to download.

This page is showing us it has 3 versions :

  1. Version 4 (Future) : It means it is under construction and it may introduce changes.
  2. Version 3 (Current) : It means it is a stable version.
  3. Version 2 (Legacy) : It means it is an old version. It may not have some features.

So for now we will go with a stable version of Codeigniter 3.

Now, click on the Download button.

You will get a zip file, extract that file in your local system xampp htdocs folder and run it on your system.

It will show following page :

This is an index page we are getting here. If we change the url to localhost/CodeIgniter-3.1.11/CodeIgniter-3.1.11/index.php , then it will give us same page.

Now how it is decided that which file will be called by default ? The secret is in the routes.php file.

Inside your project folder go to

application > config > routes.php

Open routes.php

Inside routes.php we can see a default controller here.

This controller is by defaultly called when we run a project.

Here, the controller name is ‘welcome’.

Answer of these question will be discussed in next blog. In the next blog we will discuss MVC flow. Stay tuned...

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