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Instagram Marketing

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has become very popular.

Over one billion active monthly users and 500 million daily Instagram Stories. With 130 million active users in the U.S.

Instagram is the second most accessed network behind Facebook. Users browse for an average of 53 minutes per day.

Instagram Marketing is now a global platform that allows brands to humanize their content, recruit new talent, showcase products, and inspire their audience. Here we will get known to some tricks and tips of instagram marketing that will leverage to ace the game.

1. Making your profile

First step of making instagram post is picking the right username. You can select a username which is similar to famous bigger accounts on instagram. For example, cake making. So if someone searches for cake making then your account pop ups Also you can use a name which is easy to remember for followers for example @make_cake or else.Your name is also playing a major role in keywords influencing search results.

So if the keyword is not in the username but in name, then key will trigger the instagram search list. Don’t Use ‘_’ or Numbers.Next is Your Bio, A super important thing. When a user randomly comes to your page, the first thing he sees after your name and logo is your bio. Bio needs to be short, Easy to read and catchy using emoji. Keep it simple and sorted. Give your website as well as other social media links in your bio with a single motivating line working as sugar on a cake.

A logo should be simple, not much crowded , giving a straight idea about what your page is about , fitting to the dimensions.Call to Action, They can DM you or they can Email You or they can directly call you on your number. Giving visitors more ways to contact means more opportunity for sales or partnership.Story Highlight- They give Quality to Your page.If I visit a page and they have good looking and well organised Instagram story highlights, I know it will keep the visitor more engaged with my page.So keep a pattern in your highlights and you can differentiate those highlights. Using short sentences with quality photos is a perfect combination.

2. Content for your Instagram

First step is picking the right picture. Some pages create their own content or some goes with the fully sourced. We can combine both your content and source. Here is some idea. We can search on ‘pinterest’ for quality images as pinterest is a well standard source.

I personally recommend to go with a single theme for example choosing a white theme for background make your page look clean (pottery image)

Caption – Plays an important role in user engagement. Use a caption which is engaging, has emoji and prompts the comments. Example can be asking a question in your caption like that’s how I roll what about you?

Location – Giving location to your feed in instagram is advisable cause if people search for a certain location for example Los Angeles Then your feed may get pop up. Now there are billions of post having location Los Angeles, then you can give a specific location for example Venice beach.

Hashtags- Select those hashtags which are easy to search and have less competition. Prefixes and suffixes play an important role in hashtags.

3. What are the Instagram stories and why they are so important?

We can dominate instagram stories and keep our followers active. There are some simple tools for this,First is Polls, Using polls in your Instagram stories. You can see how many votes you got on your story post and after 24 hours you can see who voted yes so you can DM them or get connected with them to expand your boundaries.

Another option is a Q & A option. You can ask a question and give options. This helps you to find your active followers and helps to keep away from ghosts followers.

Next one is Slider, You can use this for market study or a certain kind of beta testing. Consider you have a new product or new design so you can post in on instagram stories by giving a slider. If you got more negative ratings, now you know to not push the product in the market compared to those which got more positive ratings.

Use GIF to make your Instagram stories more interesting. Location tag also plays an important role as discussed earlier.

Using a popular Hashtag Works amazing in Instagram stories part as people see more Instagram stories rather than posts. So use a hashtag but don’t make your post crowded. Keep your instagram post small and clean.Adding Music at the background also works amazingly but doesn't make it noisy. Keep it smooth and calm.

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