Hamiters Phobia , Fear setup and advantages


Phobia is an irrational fear of a particular thing, Places or Object.


People might get scared if they see a lizard on the wall near them, or if standing on a high ledge, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you have a lizard or height phobia. Fear and or some level of anxiety are considered ‘normal’ Emotional response to real or perceived threats. A phobia, for example specific phobia is an overwhelming fear of objects or situations.

If someone has lizard or spider Phobia, they might do everything to avoid lizards and spiders as much as they can, even if it consumes their Daily life. They may spend a huge amount of time worrying about it and also avoiding places and activities related to it.

There are more than 400 Phobias Recognized, Fear of Height (acrophobia), Fear of flying (aviophobia), Fear of snakes (ophidiophobia), Fear of Dogs (Cynophobia), Fear of germs (mysophobia), these are few common ones. There are many phobias that may sound strange, such as fear of Beautiful Women (Caligynephobia), Fear of Cheese (Turophobia), and fear of developing phobia (Phobophobia). Ironically,

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is a phobia of long words - no doubt this 15 syllable word was made by someone not very nice! -Anonymous Phobias may be passed down in your DNA, and phobias can be treated if it has reached a severe stage. One can overcome phobias by sharing their fears with friends and also with professional help by undergoing therapies like Exposure Therapy (Type of CBT).

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