Hamiters Anger Management , Step seven towards self growth setup and advantages

Anger Management : Step seven towards self growth

Anger Management : Step seven towards self growth

Anger management refers to a process. It can help people identify stressors. People learn steps to help them stay calm in anger management. They may then handle tense situations in a constructive, positive way.

The purpose of anger management is to help a person decrease anger. It reduces the emotional and physical arousal that anger can cause. It is generally impossible to avoid all people and settings that incite anger. But a person may learn to control reactions and respond in a socially appropriate manner.


Many events can make someone angry. These may include:

  • Internal events such as perceived failures, injustices, or frustrations
  • External events such as loss of property or privileges, teasing, or humiliation

Anger may result in externalizing behaviors. These can include verbal arguments and tantrums. Anger can also cause internalizing behaviors. Internalizing behaviors can include sulking or increased symptoms of depression. People may show anger through aggression. Aggression is the biological function of anger. It is an evolutionary response that helps prepare people to fight off threats.

Understanding anger

Everyone gets mad at times. The target of your ire might be a stranger, a loved one or even yourself. Or, you might find yourself furious over external events, such as a delayed flight or a political incident. While anger is a normal human emotion, misplaced or uncontrolled anger can quickly become problematic. You can learn strategies to help control your anger. Sometimes, though, people need extra help to keep their rage at bay.

Uncontrolled anger

Uncontrolled anger looks different from person to person. Some people are quietly seething at the world most of the time. Some can’t help but dwell on events that made them mad. Others have quick tempers and may even exhibit aggressive or violent behavior.

Unfortunately, people often fail to see the long-term consequences of uncontrolled anger. Those can include health effects such as high blood pressure and increased risk of heart disease, as well as social disharmony among family members, friends, and coworkers. You might need some help learning to control your anger if you recognize any of these signs:

  • Your friends or family members have said they think you have an anger problem or have distanced themselves from you as a result of your behavior.
  • You have discord with coworkers.
  • There are business establishments where you’re no longer welcome.
  • You feel angry a lot of the time.
  • You’re nursing a grudge or thinking about getting revenge.
  • You have been or think about being aggressive or violent when angry.

Hundreds of research studies have explored the effectiveness of therapies for treating anger. Several large analyses of the published research suggest that overall, approximately 75% of people receiving anger management therapy improved as a result.

The majority of research on anger treatment has focused on cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). In CBT, patients learn to identify unhelpful or negative thought patterns and change inaccurate beliefs. One CBT-based anger treatment is known as Stress Inoculation. This method involves exposing the person to imaginary incidents that would provoke anger, providing opportunities to self-monitor their anger and practice coping methods.

Though there has been less research on other methods for treating anger, several appear to show promise. Those include: Family therapy helps family members resolve conflict and improve communication. It may be helpful in addressing anger problems directed at a romantic partner and/or children. Psychodynamic therapy is an approach in which therapists help people use self-reflection to focus on the psychological roots of their emotional distress.

Anger often goes hand-in-hand with other problems, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, or alcohol problems. Psychologists can help treat those conditions while also providing strategies for managing the anger that goes along with them.

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