Google Ads: part 2

Let's dig a bit deeper into Google Adwords!

Since you're here, it means that you know at least a teeny bit of Google Ads, the advertising platform provided by Google.

First, search google ads on Google(of course) as shown below:

Next, you just have to enter your email id and click on “Get offer code” and you get Rs. 2000 ($45*) in ad credit, just as shown below. Spend around that much amount and then redeem the coupon.

Just click on sign-in or create a new account and you would be taken to the following page:

These are nothing but the goals for your new campaign! You can choose any goal like Website traffic to reach the right people through your campaign.

The campaign types for Sales, Leads and Website traffic is search, display, shopping, video.

Whereas for product and brand consideration & Brand awareness and reach the campaign options are only display and video. Why is that? We’ll come to that.

Product and brand consideration means your ads will be shown to people who are most likely to take an action on your website(they might be interested in your business). Whereas, Brand awareness and reach ensures that your presence reaches the maximum number of people in the Google network.

Let’s learn each of the goal types!

Website traffic - The business owners pay advertisers who pay Google to send the right people to your website. It’ll basically send people who are more likely to visit your website. The only drawback is that the traffic might be slow here, and this is the only traffic which should be fast, since it’ll be good for your business.

Sales - Of course! Sales is the most important goal for businesses. This option is best used when you want to drive sales, when you want your potential customers to call you or visit your store.

Leads - Use this when you want people to provide you with their information.

It’s best to use a combination of these goals in order to attract the audiences on your/client’s website.

Remember the campaign types - search, display, shopping and video? Let’s brush them up a bit.

Search - By search you can reach your goals with text or call ads that show near the search results on

Display - Display different kinds of ads across the web.

Shopping - Promote your products with Shopping ads on Google Shopping.

Video - Reach and engage viewers on YouTube and across the web.

There are numerous videos on YouTube and crash courses on Udemy who can help you get familiar with the interface.

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